e164 vs. partyNumber aliases

Paul Long Plong at SMITHMICRO.COM
Wed Apr 14 13:56:32 EDT 1999

Okay, but what is the status of the e164 alias? For example, if a user enters
a "telephone number" at a v1 EP, it must be provided as an e164 alias. Will
all other entities continue to recognize this as a telephone number? Now if a
user does the same thing at a v2 EP, can the number be provided as an e164
alias _or_ a partyNumber? Will all entities continue to support both types of
aliases, or is e164 deprecated as of v2? As an EP vendor, I'd really hate to
require the user to indicate whether the number they just entered is an "e164
alias" or a "party number." Yucko... Maybe, just to be safe, the number should
be provided in both forms, but I think some entities get confused when
confronted with multiple aliases, or at least the semantics of such a thing is

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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        The E164 alias, in use, is the user dialed number not a structured
        address.  The partyNumber is the structured E.164 or Private Number.


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        What is the difference between an e164 alias and a partyNumber alias?
        found lacking, and does partyNumber now supercede it? Are we supposed
        using e164? If not, how do we decide which form to use?

        Paul Long
        Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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