H.320 to H.323 Gateways: Will They Decompose?

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I don't just see this as an issue of support for H.320.  H.323 is a multimedia
Recommendation.  H.gcp needs to be able to support the full functionality of an
H.323 gateway - this was certainly the sentiment of the Monterey meeting.
H.gcp/Megaco needs to be flexible enough to easily handle not only the
applications envisaged now but new ones that will appear in the future.  The
MDCP connection model provided the necessary flexibility.  If the new model
does not we should adopt a more generic and flexible one.


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This is addressed to the experts of Study Group 16, but has impact on the
priorities of work both for Megaco and for H.GCP.  The question, which I
raised obliquely in a previous exchange on co-location of H.245 signalling
with the Media Gateway function, is whether any vendor will actually create
a decomposed H.320-to-H.323 Gateway.  If not, we can stop worrying about how
to accommodate H.320 in the Media Gateway control protocol.

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