Event reporting (was audio call Thursday: Minutes)

Christian Huitema huitema at RESEARCH.TELCORDIA.COM
Thu Apr 8 16:37:20 EDT 1999

> 5) event handling
> - currently an event is identified to the MGC with an eventId - Paul
> Sijben suggested that it would be better to use a terminationId

Sorry for missing the call, but let's comment on that specific point.  We
discussed the event reporting model at length during the IETF meetings and
in the following week, and I don't beleive that there is any advantage in
opening the debate again.

Termination Id and event names just do not belong to the same space.
 Terminations are defined on a per MG basis; events are defined
independently of the MG, and in many cases independently of the
termination class.

The current notifications identify both the termination on which the event
was observed and the name of the event.  There is a lot of experience to
show that this is a very efficient decomposition, and I don't see any
reason whatsoever for ditching the experience in favor of an unproven
theoretical design.

Christian Huitema
Please note my new address: huitema at research.telcordia.com

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