Megaco/H.gcp call

Tom-PT Taylor taylor at NORTELNETWORKS.COM
Fri Apr 30 09:10:19 EDT 1999

Make that EDT, not EST.

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> Sent: Friday, April 30, 1999 7:41 AM
> Subject:      Megaco/H.gcp call
> Colleagues,
> We would like to hold another H.GCP/Megacop audio call on Tuesday May 4th
> at
> 10 AM until noon  EST.  Agenda for the call is as follows
> 1.      Discuss multimedia/H.320 support
> 2.      Discuss SDP/H.245 message formats
> 3.      Any issues/question for the latest megacop draft
> The call details are listed below and as usual, comments presented during
> this call carry equal weight as those on the Megaco and ITU reflectors.
> The
> SG16 meeting in Santiago is fast approaching and reaching consensus on
> these
> topics prior to this meeting is clearly the goal of this call.
> Date:   Tuesday May 4th/99
> Time:   10:00amEST - 12:00pmEST
> Phone:  1-613-763-6338
> PassCode:       131313#
>  ***Problems getting on the call? Call 1-613-765-CONF, and ask for the
> conference chaired by Nancy Greene
> ***No tones will announce people joining or leaving the conference
> ***Minutes from the call will be posted by the end of the day to both the
> Megaco and the SG16 mailing lists ***supposedly 63 will mute your phone,
> and
> 64 will unmute it - if you are about to use it, let Nancy Greene know - we
> had problems with it last time... Of course your regular phone mute button
> should work with no problems.
> Nancy Greene                         Bryan Hill
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> bhill at <mailto:bhill at>
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