Implementers Guide Edits

Callaghan, Robert Robert.Callaghan at ICN.SIEMENS.COM
Fri Apr 30 07:58:45 EDT 1999

Another alternative:

   Just uploaded the following to
   They should available on soon.

   mswordview-0.5.10-1.i386.rpm                          554335
   mswordview-0.5.10-1.src.rpm                           865947

   These files are also available on the following sites
        My main RPM archive at
        which is mirrored at
        Or on FreshMeat at

   RPMs are built on a Pentium 200mmx w/256megs RAM with
   RedHat 5.2 plus updates from installed.

   Required programs to install shared binary rpm.
   Programs listed here are either updates or are
   not in the default RedHat 5.2 installation.
   freetype-1.1-5.1 installed.

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Use Corel WordPerfect 8 for Linux
( It'll read Word docs and it's

Paul Long
Smith Micro Software, Inc.

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        Hi Jim,

        Is there any good reason why docs cannot be distributed in a more
cross-platform form such
        as PDF?

        Some people use Linux these days you know:)


        > Greetings,
        > Attached is the updated text from the Implementers guide that
        > incorporates
        > the comments that I got back from the previous posting.
Specifically it
        > includes elements from Espen Skjaeran, Dave Walker and Karl
        > Any final comments ASAP to me.
        > Best Regards,
        > jimt. MetaTel - Boston, MA
        >  mailto:jim.toga at          +1-781-891-9000
        >  PGP keyID E746 1CE4 CEC0 C91E 7190  65CA 70B1 B1D2 6A1E A2B7
        >                                        Name: TD-implementers
        >    TD-implementers guide.doc           Type: Microsoft Word
        >                                    Encoding: base64
        >                             Download Status: Not downloaded with

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