Implementers Guide Edits

Jonathan E. Peace jonathan.peace at CONEXANT.COM
Thu Apr 29 16:10:04 EDT 1999

Hi Jim,

Is there any good reason why docs cannot be distributed in a more cross-platform form such
as PDF?

Some people use Linux these days you know:)


> Greetings,
> Attached is the updated text from the Implementers guide that
> incorporates
> the comments that I got back from the previous posting.  Specifically it
> includes elements from Espen Skjaeran, Dave Walker and Karl Klaghofer.
> Any final comments ASAP to me.
> Best Regards,
> jimt. MetaTel - Boston, MA
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>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                                        Name: TD-implementers guide.doc
>    TD-implementers guide.doc           Type: Microsoft Word Document (application/msword)
>                                    Encoding: base64
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