Draft H.246 Annex C

Christian Groves epachg at EPA.ERICSSON.SE
Mon Apr 26 09:27:58 EDT 1999

G'Day All,

Attached is a draft copy of H.246 Annex C.

As you can see it is Version 0.0 so it needs some
work. It is based on Q.699 as is split into 4
main sections:

1 Overview/Introduction
2 ISUP to H225 message and parameter mapping
3 Outgoing Call - H.225 to ISUP
        Basic Call
4 Incoming Call - ISUP to H.225
        Basic Call

The services sections need some work to align
with the 3pty/conference discussions.

RAS hasn't been considered in the document yet.

Comments/addition/amendments welcome.

Regards, Christian Groves
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