FW: RRQ Registration in H.323 V2

Fri Apr 23 03:10:16 EDT 1999

>>>>> "Rob" == Rob B <robb112 at HOTMAIL.COM> writes:

  Rob> H.323 V2 specifically says that each alias address should map
  Rob> to a unique transport address. So, as you pointed out my second
  Rob> RRQ would get rejected because alias is the same
  Rob> "voip-gw.hotmail.com" but a different transport address is
  Rob> registered :-(


  Rob> Section 7.2.2 H.323V2
  Rob> "A Gateway or MCU may register a single Transport address or
  Rob> multiple transport addresses. The use of multiple transport
  Rob> addresses may simplify the routing of calls to specific ports"

IMHO, this does not state that each of these multiple transport
addresses is binded to a single alias address.


  Rob> Btw, one another related question. What is the meaning of
  Rob> multiple callSignalAddresses of _same_ transport type in
  Rob> RRQ.callSignalAddress.

What if the H.323 EP is located on _several_ IP boxes ?

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