FW: RRQ Registration in H.323 V2

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Thu Apr 22 21:46:23 EDT 1999


H.323 V2 specifically says that each alias address should
map to a unique transport address. So, as you pointed out
my second RRQ would get rejected because alias is the
same "voip-gw.hotmail.com" but a different transport
address is registered :-(

So, the only option left for me is to choose some dummy
alias in my RRQs.

Section 7.2.2 H.323V2
"A Gateway or MCU may register a single Transport address or
multiple transport addresses. The use of multiple transport
addresses may simplify the routing of calls to specific ports"

How can a _single_ gateway achieve the above stated. (Because
what I am doing by sending multiple RRQs with different aliases
is essentially simulating multiple logical gateways in the network.)

Btw, one another related question. What is the meaning of
multiple callSignalAddresses of _same_ transport type in
RRQ.callSignalAddress. Is this possible and if possible how will
the gatekeeper use them? I have a private mail from one vendor that
multiple callSignalAddresses of the same transport type are
possible in RRQ but no one uses them. I think I have to
agree with him.

Thanks for your time.

>From this description it seems fairly clear that you (logically,
from a
>protocol point of view) have two gateways that happen to be
collocated.  The
>only alias you're passing around is the phone number, and that wants
to go
>to different places according to how it starts.  However in an
earlier mail
>you said you only had a single gateway because you only have a single
>terminalAlias ("something like voip-gw.hotmail.com").  As this alias
>not to be passed around at any point during call setup it appears
>irrelevant, although registering the same alias to different
>gateways to the same gatekeeper at the same time may cause problems
to some
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>> Chris,
>> >
>> >Just trying to understand the problem fully before jumping in with
>> >suggested solution:
>> >How are you expecting people to call via this gateway?
>> >Is the intention to place a call to multiple destionationInfos,
>> specifying
>> >first an alias that identifies the gateway, followed by a full
>> number
>> >starting 408 or 409?  If not, what is the intended action from an
>> endpoint
>> >attempting to call through this gateway?
>> >
>> My customers would have something like Netmeeting. They would
>> make calls with an area code, say like 1-408-555-6666.
>> Let us say I have GW1 and GK. GW1 supports area codes 408 and
>> 409. It registers these two voice call prefixes (1408 and 1409)
>> with GK along with port numbers 2000 and 3000. Any incoming
>> calls on port 2000 are automatically assumed to be outgoing
>> calls to area code 408 (so that GW1 need not again parse the
>> calledPartyNumber in the incoming message). Parsing of the
>> remaining number would be done at much later point in time.
>> Now, when a call originates from netmeeting, the ARQ would contain
>> the destination telephone number (1408555666) in the
>> "destinationInfo". GK receives this ARQ and figures out
>> that it has GW1 which registered the prefix 1408. So, GK returns
>> the <GW1 IP Address + 2000> to netmeeting. And netmeeting would
>> directly send the Q.931 SETUP message GW1's port 2000.
>> This is what I am looking for.
>> Thanks,
>> -Chris (R)
>> >> >I have a question on RRQ registration in H.323V2. Let us say
>> >> >I have a gateway that supports area codes 408, 409. I want
>> >> >my gatekeeper to route calls to area codes 408 and 409
>> >> >to my local TCP ports 2000 and 3000 respectively. How should
>> >> >I construct my RRQ message?
>> >> >
>> >> >Shall I send two RRQs with same endpoint identifier
>> >> >(because I have only one gateway) with tuples
>> >> ><408, 2000> and <409, 3000>.
>> >> >
>> >> ><x,y> means:  x: carried in SupportedProtocols.prefix
>> >> >              y: carried in callSignallingAddress of RRQ
>> >> >
>> >> >Is my understanding correct?
>> >> >
>> >> >-Chris Rob
>> >> >
>> >> >
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