Media Gateway Control Requirements

Roni Even roni_e at ACCORD.CO.IL
Wed Apr 21 11:56:24 EDT 1999

I agree with Vineet. I also like to point out that in The H.GCP documents in
paragraph 6.1 the requiremenst section 2 specify audio only. On the other
hand there is a multimedia hints in number 3 and 5.
Roni Even
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From: Kumar, Vineet <vineet.kumar at INTEL.COM>
Date: יום רביעי 21 אפריל 1999 19:36
Subject: Re: Media Gateway Control Requirements

>Seems that multimedia is not a requirement in the Megacodraft. I would
>assume that Multimedia would be a requirement from SG16 because that's what
>we do.
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>Subject: Media Gateway Control Requirements
>If Megaco and SG 16 are to come up with a common Media Gateway control
>protocol, we must agree on the requirements.  I am attaching a zipped copy
>of the latest draft of the Megaco requirements document, with the hope that
>SG 16 experts will feel free to comment on it.  You can pass comments
>to this list or to megaco at
>A version of this document will be submitted as a Delayed Contribution to
>the Santiago meeting.  Depending on the number of comments we receive, that
>version may be the attached one or a revision of it.
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