H.323 Implementers Guide Edits

Espen Skjæran Espen.Skjaeran at ERICSSON.COM
Tue Apr 20 04:12:40 EDT 1999


Concerning the use of lightweight RRQ:

A lightweight RRQ consists of (ref h225.0, 7.9.1 : "keepAlive, endpointIdentifier,
gatekeeperIdentifier, tokens, and timeToLive")
A gatekeeper receiving a lightweight RRQ in cases the registration has aged (and is
removed) has no information of where to reply to this RRQ. Using the gk discovery port
and RRQ sender's IP address is not a good option.

Can we add rasAddress to this list in section 7.9.1 of H.225.0 ?


Jim Toga wrote:

> Greetings,
> After some delay, I have completed the edits coming out of the Monterey
> meeting for the Implementers Guide.  Please review the changes and verify
> that everything is as expected.
> I have incorporated (I believel) all of the relevent text mentioned in the
> Meeting report namely:
> APCs 1511,1512, 1520, 1522, 1533, 1506, and TDs 10, 14, 33.
> If I do not have any comments back by 4/16/99 then I will integrate these
> changes with the complete document in preparation for the Chile meeting.
> Best Regards,
> jimt.
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