WG: H.323 Implementers Guide Edits

Dave Walker dave_walker at Mitel.COM
Wed Apr 14 13:52:20 EDT 1999

Thanks Karl.  You're absolutely right.  The change (as shown in TD-14 from
Monterey) included *moving* the paragraph in question to new subsection
I think the strikethru for section 7.2.2 in TD-14 got converted to underscores
in the draft IG.


Dave Walker
Mitel Corp.
Kanata, ON

Karl wrote:
> I think we have found an error in the Implementer's Guide.
> The change for Section 7.2.2 of H.323 has the following new paragraph
> apparently added to 7.2.2 although this paragraph is already part of the
> H.323v2 Standard within this clause 7.2.2.
> Was the intention to copy this standard paragraph to the new section
> "use of lightweight RRQ" ? - then we can delete the para within clause 7.2.2
> in the impl guide and just keep the para below

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