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How are you doing? Just want to let you know that these two documents are
not in the incoming directory. Could you send me an electronic copy? Thanks!


Edgar Martinez wrote:

> Please find a version of Tun&H.246.doc and Tun& that I have
> uploaded into
> for the washington meeting
> Apr 21.
> Summary
> This contribution discusses a framework for transporting signaling
> protocols
> (SS7, TCAP, ISDN, QSIG and DPNSS) over IP packet networks.  The
> framework is
> referred to as signaling 'backhaul'. The backhaul or tunneling takes
> place
> between a Media Gateway (MG) and/or Signaling Gateway (SG), which
> interfaces
> between the circuit world (PSTN) and the IP packet world GateKeeper (GK)
> and a
> Media Gateway Controller (MGC), which provides call processing.  It is
> referred
> to as 'backhaul' because the gateway terminates the lower layers of the
> protocol
> (i.e. Layer 1 and 2) and backhauls the other layers to the MGC and/or
> Gatekeeper. Annex A provides a overview how the RAS messages may
> interwork INAP.
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> Ed Martinez
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