Event reporting (was audio call Thursday: Minutes)

Rex Coldren coldrenr at agcs.com
Thu Apr 8 17:21:49 EDT 1999

Actually I believe this item was not correctly written.  I believe the
discussion was about how you associate a reported event to a given
Termination.  There was talk that notifications come back with a
RequestID, which must be somehow associated to a Termination.
Paul suggested using TerminationID directly.

Christian Huitema wrote:

> > 5) event handling
> > - currently an event is identified to the MGC with an eventId - Paul
> > Sijben suggested that it would be better to use a terminationId
> Sorry for missing the call, but let's comment on that specific point.  We
> discussed the event reporting model at length during the IETF meetings and
> in the following week, and I don't beleive that there is any advantage in
> opening the debate again.
> Termination Id and event names just do not belong to the same space.
>  Terminations are defined on a per MG basis; events are defined
> independently of the MG, and in many cases independently of the
> termination class.
> The current notifications identify both the termination on which the event
> was observed and the name of the event.  There is a lot of experience to
> show that this is a very efficient decomposition, and I don't see any
> reason whatsoever for ditching the experience in favor of an unproven
> theoretical design.
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