Transport issue (was: audio call Thursday: Minutes)

Christian Huitema huitema at RESEARCH.TELCORDIA.COM
Thu Apr 8 16:40:18 EDT 1999

> 7) transport issues
> There was discussion on what to use for interoperability purposes until
> actual transport is agreed on. Some people wanted to mandate TCP for the
> others said UDP + the message acks, + the addition of timers would be
> better. Are there MG manufacturers that do not want to put TCP in their
> even if only for demonstration purposes? If there is opposition to TCP
> for demonstration purposes, then we would go with UDP + message acks, +
> timers. Chip Sharp reminded us that SGCP worked just fine with UPD,
> and timers.  ===> An issue for the mailing list.

Using TCP would be a serious problem in large configurations.  Our
experience is that UDP+timers has a wider applicability and is not in
practice harder to implement than TCP -- you have to manage timers, but
then you don't have to manage connections.

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