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I was previously unaware of the HFCI material in
<draft-rfced-info-mercer-00.txt> and would not have found it if you had not
raised it. Interestingly, I had both 12TD054 and the ID on my computer, but
have not read either :-{.

Does anyone know the context in which this document has arisen, including
the relevant IETF workgroup (if any) to which it has been submitted, or
mailing list (if any) on which this type of material is being discussed?
AFT looks like a prime candidate, but the ID is not listed on the web page.

In the meantime, I will give 12TD054.rtf and this ID a good read.


At 09:52 1999-04-06 -0400, Melinda Shore wrote:
>There's an awful lot of overlap between HFCI and SOCKS.  Additionally,
>HFCI is still rather incomplete yet has some enormously useful stuff
>in it, so I'm hopeful that w'll be able to resolve these two over
>the next 3-6 months within the IETF or elsewhere.
>At 12:09 PM 4/6/99 +0100, Iain Barker wrote:
>>One solution would be not to expect the firewall to 'find'
>>which ports to open, but instead for the gateway to inform
>>the firewall of the nature of the underlying connection.
>>FYI, SIEMENS have a submission to TIPHON which disusses how a
>>media gateway [H.323 in their example] can instruct the firewall
>>which IP ports to allow through.
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