Megaco/H.gcp call

Bryan Hill bhill at VIDEOSERVER.COM
Fri Apr 30 07:40:37 EDT 1999

We would like to hold another H.GCP/Megacop audio call on Tuesday May 4th at
10 AM until noon  EST.  Agenda for the call is as follows
1.      Discuss multimedia/H.320 support
2.      Discuss SDP/H.245 message formats
3.      Any issues/question for the latest megacop draft
The call details are listed below and as usual, comments presented during
this call carry equal weight as those on the Megaco and ITU reflectors.  The
SG16 meeting in Santiago is fast approaching and reaching consensus on these
topics prior to this meeting is clearly the goal of this call.

Date:   Tuesday May 4th/99
Time:   10:00amEST - 12:00pmEST
Phone:  1-613-763-6338
PassCode:       131313#

 ***Problems getting on the call? Call 1-613-765-CONF, and ask for the
conference chaired by Nancy Greene
***No tones will announce people joining or leaving the conference
***Minutes from the call will be posted by the end of the day to both the
Megaco and the SG16 mailing lists ***supposedly 63 will mute your phone, and
64 will unmute it - if you are about to use it, let Nancy Greene know - we
had problems with it last time... Of course your regular phone mute button
should work with no problems.

Nancy Greene                         Bryan Hill
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