ASN.1 compilers; request

Dale L. Skran dskran at ASCEND.COM
Wed Apr 28 10:00:06 EDT 1999

While at the IMTC meeting in Munich yesterday, a question was raised by an
implementor who was having trouble compiling the ASN for H.323 V2.  I
using the OSS or Teles ASN.l compilers, both of which he had not yet tried.

However, this raises some interesting questions:

1)What is the complete list of available ASN.1 compilers, both commercial and

2)Are there known problems with some products that implementors should be

I have in mind a section in the implementors guide on this topic. Please post
responses to this request to the list so that all can benefit ASAP.  I will
as the editor of the implementor's guide to collect and edit the results
for the

Thanks for your attention,

Dale Skran
Q13 Rapporteur

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