Draft H.246 Annex C

Edgar Martinez [1] martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Mon Apr 26 09:14:36 EDT 1999

Hi Christian,

Good timing, In the study D meeting in Washington dc
I was asked to put my contribution as a proposal for
new annex in h.246. In the contribution I show one example
in Annex-A of the RAS messages mapping into ITU INAP other
example may include HLR/VLR, MAP and WIN messages. I did
not include the parameters mapping. Because, I did not
want to do all that work until the concept is
approved. (document attached)

In any case I have proposed the lower layer
sigtran transport (CTP) to carry upper layer protocol
for tunneling and interworking. Which
should not be any issue with h.246 or the
work you are doing..I hope?

I will read your contribution as a framework going forward
on SS7 interworking. We both/all need to resolve the Transport
problem where to terminate the Lower SS7 layers (MTP 1,2,3).

That is, where does SS7 ends and IP begins? in the H.323 network
i.e., tiphon.


Christian Groves wrote:
> G'Day All,
> Attached is a draft copy of H.246 Annex C.
> As you can see it is Version 0.0 so it needs some
> work. It is based on Q.699 as is split into 4
> main sections:
> 1 Overview/Introduction
> 2 ISUP to H225 message and parameter mapping
> 3 Outgoing Call - H.225 to ISUP
>         Basic Call
>         Services
> 4 Incoming Call - ISUP to H.225
>         Basic Call
>         Services
> The services sections need some work to align
> with the 3pty/conference discussions.
> RAS hasn't been considered in the document yet.
> Comments/addition/amendments welcome.
> Regards, Christian Groves
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                              Name: h246_annex_c_v_0-0.zip
>    h246_annex_c_v_0-0.zip    Type: Winzip32 File (application/x-zip-compressed)
>                          Encoding: base64

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