RAS and CRVs

Derks, Frank F.Derks at PBC.BE.PHILIPS.COM
Mon Apr 26 02:22:53 EDT 1999

Last week I went through the mechanisms described in H.225 to associate
messages, calls and conferences. The thing that struck me as being odd was
that only some of the RAS request messages (i.e. ARQ, BRQ and DRQ) carry a
call reference and a call identifier. It would seem appropriate to only use
these values in "call associated" messages, hence some of the request
messages do not carry these elements (GRQ, RRQ, URQ, IRQ, LRQ) but why do I
not see these elements in the response messages? How am I supposed to
associate an ARQ with an ACF/ARJ? If this is done by some other means than
the CRV, then this element should be removed.


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