Annex G and Roaming?

Espen Skjæran Espen.Skjaeran at ERICSSON.COM
Fri Apr 23 08:54:51 EDT 1999

Hi all,

I've recently heard (unofficially)  that some claim Annex G
(APC-1546/TD-20 in Monterey)
also to support roaming of users between different domains.

If this is true, I wonder how.

I can see how the AccessRequest/ValidationRequest might be sent from a
visiting domain to the home domain for per-call authorization. While
this might work in simple cases, it will hinder the use of services
while roaming.
I can not either see any mechanism to authorize the roaming

I am sorry to post based on "rumors", but this may change the scope of
Annex G significally, and I worry if this might affect future work on
roaming. As Tiphon has just started their work on roaming by analysing
existing roaming techniques in telco and datacom/IETF work,and not yet
reached any conclusion, it seems premature to use annex G
in its current state for roaming.


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