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Sakae OKUBO okubo at GITI.OR.JP
Fri Apr 23 06:22:47 EDT 1999

Dear Mr. Moscovici,

Interim Rapporteur meetings are autonomously organized by the interested
experts, but the SG16 meeting in Santiago is official and managed by Mr.
Fabio Bigi, ITU-TSB. In addition to White Contributions, input documents can
only be submitted as follows:

- Delayed Contributions from member organizations. They go through national
procedures and shall reach ITU-TSB not later than 5 May 1999 as described in
Collective-letter 5/16. You con find this and relevant TSB Circular 173 at
the ITU Web site.

- Temporary Documents from Rapporteurs. They can be accepted even just
before the meeting.

Please also note that only ITU-T memebers can attend the Santiago meeting.

LM> I would like to submit two contributions to the Santiago meeting:
LM> 1. "Modifications to H.225.0 Annex G" from Israel, VocalTec as source.
LM> 2. "Editorial Corrections to H.225.0 Annex G" from Editor (myself).
LM> Note these two are proposals that affect the white draft for decision at
LM> this meeting.

So, the first should go through Israel process as a Delayed Contribution.
The source can either be Israel Administration or ITU-T Sector Member
(company). Please do not forget about the deadline, 5 May, otherwise Mr.
Bigi will not accept your contribution.

The second should go through Dale.

LM> Since I am not familiar with the procedures at the plennary meetings,
LM> please advise: do I need APC allocations? Are there other things I
LM> should do?

There is no need for APC numbers, they are only for self organized
Rapporteur meetings.

LM> I will have these two contributions available on the AVC site by next
LM> week.

Your posting is appreciated. Whatever made available will be moved to
9905_San directory without APC numbers for the expert convenience.

LM> As for ordinary rapporteur contributions - VocalTec intends to submit
LM> two other contributions. Do they have to be on a national basis (i.e.
LM> Israel), or on a company basis, as in a Rapporteur meeting.
LM> Do we need APCs?

Even if your contributions are for the Rapporteur meeting portion of the
Santiago week, they are managed by Mr. Bigi. No need for APC numbers. You
need to submit them as Delayed Contributions. Again, the source can be
VocalTec if it is an ITU-T Sector member. Otherwise, they may be submitted
as Israel contributions subject to your national process.

Please allow me copy this response to all the memebers registered to the
Q.12-14 group reflector for their information.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
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