FW: RRQ Registration in H.323 V2

Rob B robb112 at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Apr 20 19:16:42 EDT 1999


Nope, it is one single logical gateway. It has only one
terminalAlias (something like voip-gw.hotmail.com). But it
supports outgoing voice calls to area codes 408 and 409.

As specified in section 7.2.2 of H.323 V2 spec para 2
"The use of multiple transport addresses may simplify
the routing of calls to specific ports". I am trying to
simplify routing in my gateway.

Is the above statement in H.323 V2 correct now? Is there
anyone on the list who has tried to do something like

Or is it that, to acheive my goal I have to divide
my gateway into logical H.323 entities which I am
not sure is needed.
(if each registration of RRQ is allocated a different
endpoint identifier then from GK perspective there are
multiple H.323 entities).


PS: Endpoint identifier is allocated by GK and returned
to endpoint via RCF. (The same endpoint identifier will
be used in keep alive RRQs.) If multiple RRQ's like I proposed
in my original mail is allowed by H.323 V2 then the
second RRQ would copy the endpoint identifier from
first RCF.

>Hi Chris,
>     As per my understanding, you are talking of different logical
>are bundled together into a single *box*. Each such logical gateway
>register with the gatekeeper. The terminalAlias could be used to
>logical GW and the callSignalAddress would specify the contact point.
>would have to send 2 RRQs. Also, the endpointIdentifier is generated
by the
>and returned in the RCF and so cannot be specified by the GW at time
>     Any comments?
>Gaurav Makkar
>I have a question on RRQ registration in H.323V2. Let us say
>I have a gateway that supports area codes 408, 409. I want
>my gatekeeper to route calls to area codes 408 and 409
>to my local TCP ports 2000 and 3000 respectively. How should
>I construct my RRQ message?
>Shall I send two RRQs with same endpoint identifier
>(because I have only one gateway) with tuples
><408, 2000> and <409, 3000>.
><x,y> means:  x: carried in SupportedProtocols.prefix
>              y: carried in callSignallingAddress of RRQ message
>Is my understanding correct?
>-Chris Rob
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