RequestSeqNum for MessageNotUnderstood

Mike Ely mely at PAKNETX.COM
Mon Apr 19 17:30:45 EDT 1999

The following is an excerpt from H.225 V3:

7.17    Message Not Understood

This message is sent whenever an H.323 endpoint receives a RAS message it
does not understand.
RequestSeqNum - Shall be the requestSeqNum of the unknown message, if it can
be decoded, and zero otherwise.

But in the ASN.1 included, the range for the request sequence number is:

Requestseqnum           ::=     INTEGER (1..65535)

With my latest version of the OSS compiler, I get a constraint violation
attempting to send a zero request identifier.  Is zero still the correct
value when unable to decode a received PDU?


Michael Ely
mely at

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