h.341 questions

Göran Larsson Goran.C.Larsson at telia.se
Thu Apr 15 10:00:16 EDT 1999

SG16 members,

I have been reading the Proposed Recommendation H.341 (December 1998)and
have now some questions.

1) I want to specify a PRI-interface to PSTN in the Gateway. Which MIB's or
part of MIB' do I use ? Could or should the H.320 MIB (or parts of) be used
in any way (together with the H.320 parts in the H.323 Gateway MIB) ? or
should only the PSTN parts of the H.323 Gateway MIB be used ? or is the PRI
part not covered in the H.341 ?

2) How do I specify the "real" PRI-interface e.g. channels ? is the
intension of H.341 to be used with other MIB's, e.g. RFC2127 and RFC2495 to
specify the "real" PRI interface ?

3) In the H.323 Gateway MIB there is a H323GwCapabilitiesH320Table. This
table contain an attribut called H323GwCapabilitiesH320CapsTableIndex which
point out an table in the H.320 Entity MIB. What is the relation between
these tables ? Do you have one row of the H323GwCapabilitiesH320Table and
only one row in the H320CapsTable or can you have many rows of the
H323GwCapabilitiesH320Table, each pointing to a unique row in the
H320CapsTable or ? The text describing the H320CapsTable says that "The
number of rows will be equal to the number of H320 entities in the MCU and
the H320/H323 Gateway". The relation between these tables are not clear to

4) Chapter 6.2 H.323 Systems. The text says "In an H.320/H.323 gateway, both
the H.320 Entity and Terminal MIBs are required". The text in chapter 8.2
H.320 indicate something else, i.e. that only the H.320 Entity MIB is
required. Is that a correct interpretation ?

5) I am missing some kind of Entity Relation or object model of each entity.
e.g the Gateway. Something that describes the relation between the MIBs and
tables (e.g. ports, cennections and calls). Do the SG16 have the intenstion
to add something like that to the Recommendation ?


    Göran Larsson, Telia ProSoft
    Sundsvall, Sweden

    phone       : +46 60 144681
    e-mail      : goran.c.larsson at telia.se

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