Coordiantion between IETF and ITU

Joon Maeng Joon_Maeng at VTEL.COM
Wed Apr 14 10:30:18 EDT 1999

I noticed that you have done  an excellent job of informing important activities
of other standardization bodies to T1A1.  Nowadays, many ITU experts attend
IETF meetings  as well and many ITU guys are also IETF guys at the worker level.
It sounds like we need more than exchanging liaisons between two organizations.
I don't have answers for T1A1 but I think it is important  to improve the
communication between IETF and ITU.  I am posting your question to some list
servers I know of.

IETF and ITU may have addressed what you asked already.  If they haven't, I can
think of three possible solutions.  One is inter-pollinating list servers
between two organizations as many as possible.  We can suggest Working Group
Chairpersons of IETF to subscribe appropriate ITU list servers and Study Group
Chairpersons of  ITU to do the same thing.    The other possibility is to have
ITU and IETF management teams get together (they might have done it already) and
put a communication structure in place.  And the third may be forming an ITU and
IETF Inter-pollination Group (IIIG) at the worker level and have each
organization submit anything that may affect others to the group.   IIIG can be
a traffic controller.  If ITU is willing to recognize IIIG (or IETF) as a
nation, it would be interesting.  (there can be negative side effects).
Modified and improved version of my third idea may work.  Any comments?
Joon Maeng
VTEL Corp.
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randy at on 04/13/99 06:53:45 PM

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With reference to the comment in the email below, I think serious
consideration is needed regarding how better relations with the IETF
can be established and improved over time by all interested
organizations.  Any ideas or suggestions on how T1A1 could help out here?

- Randy Bloomfield

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How do those ITU guys breathe, living in a vacuum as they do?

Bob Braden

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