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Edgar Martinez martinze at CIG.MOT.COM
Wed Apr 14 09:15:48 EDT 1999

Please find a version of HGCP.doc and that I have uploaded into for the washington meeting Apr 21.

This contribution discusses a framework for transporting signaling protocols
(SS7, TCAP, ISDN, QSIG and DPNSS) over IP packet networks.  The framework is
referred to as signaling 'backhaul'. The backhaul or tunneling takes place
between a Media Gateway (MG) and/or Signaling Gateway (SG), which interfaces
between the circuit world (PSTN) and the IP packet world GateKeeper (GK) and a
Media Gateway Controller (MGC), which provides call processing.  It is referred
to as 'backhaul' because the gateway terminates the lower layers of the protocol
(i.e. Layer 1 and 2) and backhauls the other layers to the MGC and/or
Gatekeeper. Annex A provides a overview how the RAS messages may interwork INAP.

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