WG: H.323 Implementers Guide Edits

Karl.Klaghofer at ICN.SIEMENS.DE Karl.Klaghofer at ICN.SIEMENS.DE
Wed Apr 14 06:02:38 EDT 1999


I think we have found an error in the Implementer's Guide.
The change for Section 7.2.2 of H.323 has the following new paragraph
apparently added to 7.2.2 although this paragraph is already part of the
H.323v2 Standard within this clause 7.2.2.

Was the intention to copy this standard paragraph to the new section
"use of lightweight RRQ" ? - then we can delete the para within clause 7.2.2
in the impl guide and just keep the para below

                An endpoint's registration with a Gatekeeper may have a
finite life. An endpoint may request a timeToLive in the RRQ message to the
Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper may respond with an RCF containing the same
timeToLive or a shorter timeToLive. After this time, the registration shall
be expired. The timeToLive is expressed in seconds. Prior to the expiration
time, the endpoint may send an RRQ message having the keepAlive bit set. The
keep alive RRQ may include a minimum amount of information as described in
H.225.0. The keep alive RRQ shall reset the time to live timer in the
Gatekeeper, allowing the registration to be extended. After the expiration
time, the endpoint must re-register with a Gatekeeper using a full RRQ

Karl Klaghofer,
Siemens AG
karl.klaghofer at icn.siemens.de

> -----Ursprüngliche Nachricht-----
> Von:  Jim Toga [SMTP:jim.toga at metatel.com]
> Gesendet am:  Freitag, 9. April 1999 15:50
> An:   ITU-SG16 at mailbag.cps.intel.com
> Betreff:      H.323 Implementers Guide Edits
> Greetings,
> After some delay, I have completed the edits coming out of the Monterey
> meeting for the Implementers Guide.  Please review the changes and verify
> that everything is as expected.
> I have incorporated (I believel) all of the relevent text mentioned in the
> Meeting report namely:
> APCs 1511,1512, 1520, 1522, 1533, 1506, and TDs 10, 14, 33.
> If I do not have any comments back by 4/16/99 then I will integrate these
> changes with the complete document in preparation for the Chile meeting.
> Best Regards,
> jimt.

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