TINA '99 in Hawaii mid April , last call for participation

Martine.Lapierre at ALCATEL.FR Martine.Lapierre at ALCATEL.FR
Thu Apr 1 13:13:14 EST 1999

Dear colleague,

In this message is the text for the final call for participation for
TINA'99.  It is also accessible at http://www.tinac.com/tina99.html. I
apologize if you received the TINA'99 information before, this is just a
check that you were informed before the last chance for registration has

The scientific committee expressed a gratitude for the excellence of the
papers submitted, especially on VoIP and IN for IP.

May I insist on the quality of the Panel of Wednesday afternoon where very
senior people will express their views on the future of telecommunication

H. Aldermeshian                    AT&T
T. Aoki                            NTT
J. Craveur                         France Telecom
E. Raubold                         Deutsche Telekom
T. Rowbotham                       British Telecom

If you are interested in attending, and desire to do so, I urge you to follow
the instructions in the call.  I look forward to seeing you in Hawaii.

Martine Lapierre <martine.lapierre at alcatel.fr>


Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Conference 1999

Turtle Bay Resort, Oahu, Hawaii, USA - 12-15 April 1999

The Application of Distributed Computing Technologies to Telecommunications

The Telecommunication Information Networking Architecture (TINA) Consortium
invites you to attend the TINA'99 Conference on applications of
state-of-the-art distributed computing technologies to problems of the
globally converging telecommunications and computing domains.

TINA'99 is an open international conference, with participation from
researchers and developers in open networking technologies related to
telecommunication and information systems.

HOSTED BY: Hewlett-Packard Laboratories


   * IEEE Communications Society
   * Object Management Group


   * Hewlett-Packard Company
   * TINA Consortium


TINA'99 consists of tutorials, keynote addresses, technical sessions, and
demonstrations.  The tutorials are on 12 April, with the keynote addresses
and technical sessions occupying a single track on 13 April, and two tracks
on 14 April and until noon on 15 April.  A preliminary program is available
for your perusal. (http://www.tinac.com/99/Conference/program.pdf)


To attend the conference, you must register for the conference and book
accommodations with the conference hotel.  The relevant forms are:

   * Registration Form (http://www.tinac.com/99/Conference/regform.html)
   * Hotel Information and Booking Form

The registration includes admittance to the tutorials of your choice, the
technical sessions, the reception, and the conference dinner.  We also will
accept American Express cards for the conference registration.  There is
still room for late registrants, and the hotel will continue to accept
bookings at the preferred rate on a space available basis.

 If you are interested in attending, please register for the conference and
               book your accommodations as soon as possible!


The Turtle Bay Hilton Resort is located on the north shore of the  island
of Oahu.  Honolulu is located on the south shore of Oahu.  A link to the
resort's web site is available by following the Hotel Information and
Booking Form link above.


Airport to Turtle Bay - approximately 1 hour

Hotel Shuttle - Reservations must be made by 3:30pm, Hawaii time, at least
one day prior. Call Turtle Bay Hilton, Assistant Manager - 808/293-1286
x23. Credit card needed to confirm reservations.

                             Shuttle Timetable
   Honolulu    7:45am     8:45am    9:45am    10:45am     1:!5pm    4:45pm
     Turtle    8:45am     9:45am   10:45am    11:45am     2:15pm    5:45pm

     Turtle    9:00am    10:00am   11:00am    12:00pm     2:30pm    6:00pm
   Honolulu   10:00am    11:00am   12:00pm     1:00pm     3:30pm    7:00pm

Airport pickup outside Baggage Claim area of your Airline.

Rates: Registered Guest per person $30.00 + 1.25 = $31.25 (USD)
Non Guest per person $95.00 + 3.96 = $ 98.96 (USD)
Child (1-5 years) registered $15.00 + .62 = $15.62 (USD)
Child ( 1-5 years) non guest $47.50 + 1.98 = $ 49.48 (USD)

Limo - Northshore Limousine - 808/293-1447
Cost - $114.11 - includes tax & tip (USD)
Call ahead to make reservations

Taxi Ride - Cost $85 - $115 (USD)


If you require any other information, please contact us at +1-650-857-3377
or send e-mail to Renee_Coca at hpl.hp.com.

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