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Subject: Welcome to itu-sg16
(updated 1/6/97)

Remember - to POST messages to the list send to:

                itu-sg16 at

         - to interact with listserver.... send to:

                listserv at

This reflector has now (as a second step) inherited the members currently
at the h32z2-list at  This was done in a semi-automated
fashion using the
existing list as input to this one.  If  you do not desire to be on this
list, my apologies - you may unsubscribe
by sending a message to the list software at "listserv at"
with the body set to

			signoff itu-g16

In addition it is requested, that contact information be provided so that the
current list of correspondents on this list be provided to ITU-TSB if so

        [Full Name] [Organization] [contact number]

Please send this information in the body of a message to
'jtoga at',
set the "subject" of the mail to "SG16 Contact".

Listed below are some hints on interacting with this mailing list:


mail reflector:  (sent to listserv at

Subscribe: BODY of the text set to

        subscribe itu-sg16 <your email address> <your name>


        signoff itu-g16

You can get more information on commands by sending a message with the body
of the message containing either 'help' or 'info' to:

        listserv at

List Digests:

If you feel like you lost some list messages or simply want to get a
chronological chunk of them, you can do so.

send a message to "listserv at" with the body of the message

        index itu-sg16

This will get you a list of all the digest files. After choosing which files you
want, send another message to "listserv at" with the body of
the message

        get itu-sg16 [filename]

Finally you may always contact me (via any of the methods in my signature) with
any questions.


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***  jtoga at              Intel - Hillsboro, OR.        ***

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