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Kumar, Vineet vineet.kumar at INTEL.COM
Mon Sep 28 17:18:24 EDT 1998


  The H.225.0 (v2) standard describes the sourceInfo field in RAS LRQ
messages as follows:

sourceInfo - indicates the sender of the LRQ. The gatekeeper can use
this information to decide how to respond to the LRQ.

  A gatekeeper recieves an ARQ and wishes to resolve the called endpoint
by sending an LRQ to neighboring gatekeepers. What would you expect the
gatekeeper to put in the sourceInfo field of the LRQ ?

Several answers come to mind:
a. The source info of the calling endpoint (copied from the srcInfo
field of the RAS ARQ message).
b. Some info identifying the gatekeeper itself.
c. Nothing at all or anything at all ?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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