Chris Purvis WVdevmt-WS cpurvis at MADGE.COM
Thu Sep 17 04:21:17 EDT 1998

>How does  GKs authenticate each other?,
As yet, they don't...
>and furthermore, how does a GK
>authenticate an H.323 entity under its zone so that it can be sure it is
>talking with the entitiy it claims to be?, I haven't seen anything on
>this on the proposals for Anex G I've read.
...however, in version 2 of H.225.0 all RAS messages may contain
authentication tokens.  H.235 specifies the framework within which this
works, although it does not prescribe any particular authentication
mechanism.  I would expect similar authentication tokens to appear in any
inter-gatekeeper or inter-administrative-domain messages where
authentication is required.

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