H.323 Addresses

Ami Amir amir at RADVISION.RAD.CO.IL
Wed Sep 2 03:51:49 EDT 1998

Hi Radhika,

FYI - the IETF is just starting work on E.164 to IP address resolution -
the last IETF meeting covered this subject - and maybe someone on our
list is also active there and could help (or server as a contact


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        Hi Everyone:

        We are discussing about H.323 addresing schemes in our bi-weekly
        inter-GK conf calls.

        The H.323 addresses that are being considered are 1. E.164, 2.
E-mail,  3.
        URL, and 4. TCP/UDP/RTP port addresses (and 5. aliases as well I

        Although a hierarchical notion of addressing scehmes have been
discussed, we
        have also recognized that some other variations of addressing
schemes are

        For example, people change their physical locations, but they
might have to
        keep the same E.164 addresses. So, a translation is needed.
Therefore, the
        very physical relationship of E.164 addressing scheme (e.g.,
knowing NPAs
        and NXXs, one can find the distance) has been broken.

        Another example can be 800 numbers where the translation is also

        In addition, from mobility point of view (device or person)
wired (and
        wireless?) environement may also be looked into.

        As we go froward, we may consider many of those aspects as
pointed above to
        provide solutions for the H.323 addressing schemes.


        Radhika R. Roy
        732 949 8657
        rrroy at att.com

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