Revision of Mr. Tosco's report

Sakae OKUBO okubo at
Thu Oct 29 00:48:05 EST 1998

Dear Mr. Kumar,
Dear Mr. Hedayat,

VK>Please allocate an APC number for "H.323 version 2 compliant
VK>Profile". This profile is developed especially for those vendors
VK>who are starting to implement H.323. It cuts down on the rich set
VK>of choices offered by the H.323 set of recommendations and provides
VK>a lean but effective H.323 version2 compliant profile for IP
VK>Multimedia Telephony.

KH>Please allocate four APC numbers for the following documents from
KH>PictureTel Corporation.

In response to your requests, APC numbers have been allocated to your
contributions as attached.

Best regards,

Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
Waseda Research Center
Telecommunications Advancement Organization of Japan (TAO)
5th Floor, Nishi-Waseda Bldg.
1-21-1 Nishi-Waseda, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
169-0051 Japan
      Tel: +81 3 5286 3830
      Fax: +81 3 5287 7287
      e-mail: okubo at

      Documents for the Torino meeting (17-20 November 1998)
APC-  Source       Provisional title
1426  India        Internet traffic on the PSTN
1427  Korea Telecom
                   Required functions of RTP receiver and packet
                   forwarding procedure for Dynamic Multicast Network
1428  Accord Video Telecommunication
                   RTP Maximum Packet size
1429  Intel        H.323 version 2 compliant Profile
1430  Editor       Draft H.283
1431  PictureTel   Changes to draft H.323 related to recommendations
                   H.282 and H.283
1432  PictureTel   H.283 and H.323 Annex E harmonization
1433  PictureTel   General comments on Annex E


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