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Please include me.
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At 04:52 PM 10/16/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear Colleagues,
>I would like to invite you to participate in an audio call, Tuesday October
>20th from 11AM to 1PM EST to discuss our work plan for the study of gateway
>decomposition as outlined in TD 89 (WP2).
>The goals of the audio call will be to identify what work items we need to
>completed and in what order should we attack them. Once we have an agreed to
>work plan, we can talk about building an architecture document and the
>specific requirements of each interface.
>As a place to start the discussions, I think we need the following
>(referenced to TD 89):
>New Protocols:
>Interface A - Device Control Interface
>New H.246 Annexes:
>1) H.323 to Voice/Voiceband Terminals = The breakdown of the media. How DTMF
>is converted to/from UserInputIndication messages, etc. (There is a draft of
>this in the current H.246 Annex B)
>2) H.323 to SS7 (Similar to Q.699 - a Q.931 to ISUP conversion spec)
>3) H.323 to Q.931 (Similar to the section in Annex A for H.320)
>Interface B, C, D
>For the Proposed Interfaces B, C, and D. Given that the messages passing
>across these interfaces must reflect all of the content of the signaling
>that the respective signaling functions receive from and send to extern
>entities, aren't these protocols modified or extended ISUP for Interface D,
>modified or extended Q.931 for Interface C, and modified or extended H.225
>for Interface B? For C & D, can they be the real protocols if carried on a
>T1 and some derivation of them if running over TCP/IP?
>Please try and get all attendee requests in by Monday the 19th at 12:00 Noon
>EST so that I can make the proper arrangements. I will send port assignments
>later that day. Here is a summary of attendees so far:
>1) G. Thom
>2) S. Nayak
>3) R. Badri
>4) P Kallur
>5) K. Hedayat
>6) R Spitzer
>7) R Chopra
>8) A Amir
>9) R Even
>10) H Liu
>11) J Yeh
>12) R Radhika
>13) B Bell
>14) T Taylor
>15) G Freundlich
>16) M Reid/B Hill/G Kajos
>All comments welcome,
>Mark Reid
>mreid at
>Bryan Hill
>bhill at
Markku Korpi
Siemens Information & Communication Networks
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