Gk-GK Call signalling - security????

Sengodan Senthil NRC/Boston sengodan at NASBPD01BS.ntc.nokia.com
Tue Oct 13 11:50:56 EDT 1998


Can anybody answer the following questions regarding the use of
addresses in H.225.0:

1) Type TransportAddress: What is the purpose of alternative
'ipSourceRoute', is it currently used for anything?

2) Type AliasAddress: What is the purpose of alternative
'transportAddress'? Must this be an address of the underlying network
(usually IP), or can it be a different type (for example, an NSAP

Reason behind question 2): When interworking with an ATM network which
implements ATM-Forum protocols, the ATM terminal's address may be in
NSAP format. Type AliasAddress in H.225.0 has no 'nsap' alternative, but
type TransportAddress has. Could NSAP addresses now be included in
AliasAddress via alternative 'transportAddress'?

Ernst Horvath
Siemens AG
Email: ernst.horvath at siemens.at

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