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the attached CFP may be of interest to members of SG16. However, since I
don't know the policies of the mailing list, I would appreciate if you
could distribute it as you consider appropriate. I would love to have an
article from somebody involved with SG16 in the issue.


Henning Schulzrinne         email: schulzrinne at cs.columbia.edu
Dept. of Computer Science   phone: +1 732 949 8344 (at Bell Labs)
Columbia University         fax:   +1 212 666-0140
New York, NY 10027          URL:   http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~hgs

Call for Papers for a Joint Issue of
  IEEE Internet Computing  (http://www.computer.org/internet)
  IEEE Network Magazine (http://www.comsoc.org/socstr/techcom/ntwrk/)

Special Issue on Internet Telephony (May/June 1999)

Submission deadline: November 25, 1998

Guest Editor: Henning Schulzrinne
              Department of Computer Science
              Columbia University
              New York, NY
              Phone: 212 939 7042
              Fax:   212 666 0140
              WWW:   http://www.cs.columbia.edu/~hgs
              email: hgs at cs.columbia.edu

Internet telephony, that is, using the Internet as a communications
infrastructure to replace and enhance existing telephone services, is
promising to fundamentally change one of the most basic and familiar
communications services.  This special issue covers the technology
needed to make Internet telephony a reality and the challenges that
need to be addressed.

This is a joint issue of the IEEE Internet Computing and IEEE Network

Topics of interest for technical papers include:

* quality-of-service specific to large-scale telephony services
* charging, billing and customer care
* web-centric telephony service enhancements
* service creation: applications, languages, tools
* interworking with the global switched telephone network (GSTN):
  gateways, service location, directories
* hybrid Internet-PSTN architectures
* directory services
* signaling
* novel applications
* embedded systems
* management of QOS, services and
* security and privacy issues
* economic and regulatory impact

We are especially interested in research papers that describe real
services, software systems and experiments.  Work-in-progress papers
describing the state of on-going research projects in Internet telephony
are also encouraged.

Papers should explicate the technical issues related to Internet
telephony, rather than just generic multimedia applications.
Research papers should demonstrate the feasibility of the approach and
describe the state of realization.  Case studies and applied papers
should discuss the key factors that made the system work and should also
mention the pitfalls and problems encountered and how they may be

Submission, Approval, Review, and Acceptance.
Authors are requested to send e-mail to the guest-editor, Henning
Schulzrinne (hgs at cs.columbia.edu), giving a URL where the guest-editor
can review the article, preferably in HTML format with GIF artwork
(postscript or pdf format is also accepted).

Upon approval by the guest-editor, all feature articles will then
undergo a technical peer review consistent with other archival
publications.  Potential authors may wish to consult the sections on
author information and guidelines for reviewers, which are given at

Articles for review should be in HTML or a common format easily read by
reviewers.  Authors will send all files to an anonymous ftp site
provided by the guest editor.  When an article consists of a collection
of HTML and GIF files, all internal links pointing to this file should
be relative.

More details on the submission guidelines can be found in
http://www.computer.org/internet/edguide.htm and

Submission Deadline:                    November 25, 1998
Acceptance Notification:                February 1, 1999
Final Manuscripts Due:                  March 1, 1999
Publication of Completed Special Issue: May/June 1999


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