H.245 v5 determined - correction

Sakae OKUBO okubo at giti.or.jp
Wed Oct 7 06:35:10 EDT 1998

Apologies for causing confusion. As pointed out in the attached,
determined version 5 should have been created from TD39(PLEN) AND

I have now uploaded the corrected document.

Mr Okubo : please remove the zip file that you created yesterday.

Best regards

Mike Nilsson

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Dear Mr. Mike Nilsson,

>I have uploaded the document H245DELG.DOC to the ftp site. This is the
>delta document that was determined as version 5 of H.245.

In this document, items in TD39(PLEN) are contained but other items
approved as H.245 ver.5 determination described in the separate TD
(TD28(PLEN)) are not included.

Can I ask the status of this document? Is this to reflect all items
approved as H.245 ver.5 determination? Or is this for some but not all
items approved for the determination as in TD39(PLEN)?

In the former case, TD28(PLEN) should be reflected in the document.
In the latter case, separate document should be provided to reflect all
the approved items for the H.245 determination. I can work for the items
in TD28(PLEN).

Would you please tell me the status for the clarify and to help the
editorial work on H.245 text?

Best regards,

        Yoshihiro Kikuchi
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>From:  Sakae OKUBO[SMTP:okubo at GITI.OR.JP]
>Sent:  07 October 1998 07:25
>Subject:       H.245 V5 determined
>Dear Q.12-14/16 experts,
>M Nilsson> I have uploaded the document H245DELG.DOC to the ftp site.
>M Nilsson> This is the delta document that was determined as version 5
>M Nilsson> of H.245.
>M Nilsson>
>M Nilsson> Version 4 of H.245 was approved without any changes to COM-
>M Nilsson> 59.
>This delta file has been zipped and moved to the following place:
> ftp://standard.pictel.com/avc-site/9809_Gen/H245delg.zip
>Best regards,
>Sakae OKUBO (Mr.)
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>      e-mail: okubo at giti.or.jp

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