Overlapped Sending and LRQ

Sarah Lavie sarah at RADVISION.RAD.CO.IL
Thu Oct 1 08:49:27 EDT 1998

According to Overlapped Sending recommendation "If there is insufficient

addressing information in the ARQ, the Gatekeeper should respond with an

ARJ with the AdmissionRejectReason set to incompleteAddress"

The main question is how the Overlapped Sending scheme interacts with
LRQ scheme. Here are 2 example scenarios to explain the difficulties:

A) overlapped numbering scheme in 2 zones

  ------->        GK1                       GK2
  dial 1234       /                         \
                 /                           \
           T1 = 12345                       T2 = 1234

A terminal dials "1234". GK1 identifies the address as incomplete and
ARJ. However, the caller wished to call terminal 2 and therefore the
was complete and GK1 should have sent LRQ.

  A.1 In this case, Does the terminal should send ARQ again? Does the
      ARJ terminates the call in the caller side?
  A.2 Should the re-sending of the ARQ (if exist) be the trigger for
      the LRQ, from the GK point of view?

B) Location Request mechanism does not support overlapped sending

 ---->              GK1 --->      GK2
 dial 1234              LRQ        \
                                     T2 = 12345

A terminal dials "1234" as part of the digit collection. GK1 somehow
that the address should be referred to GK2. However GK2 returns an LRJ
because the LRQ mechanism does not support overlapped sending.

It seems to me that the Overlapped Sending should be deployed in systems
the numbering scheme is unified and predefined by zones, as it is in the

telephony systems. In this case, LRQ should not be deployed.
Am I right in this assumption?

If not, what should be the guidelines for
sending LRQ when Overlapped Sending mode is on.


   Sarah Lavie
   sarah at radvision.rad.co.il

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