Gk-GK Call signalling

Jim Toga jim.toga at INTEL.COM
Tue Oct 13 12:54:03 EDT 1998


Being one of the contributors of some of the text.... There was no intent
to limit  GK-GK communications to RAS or Call Control.  The plan of attack
was to initially solve some specific issues with being able to complete
Inter-zone calls.

The fact that the messages are carried in RAS format was simply a straw-man
proposal.  The content and logic was the important starting point.

As is always the case, this work moves forward with contributions.   What
specific functions do you want to acomplish?  It might help me (and others)
to understand where the specific holes are, in order to figure out what the
next holes are (in the IP context) rather simply saying we need to port
ISUP to GKs.

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At 01:39 PM 10/13/98 +0100, Ericsson User wrote:
>Hello All,
>I participated in the SG 16 meeting in Geneva in september.
>One thing that suprised me was that the ongoing work with Annex G (GK-GK
>signalling) did not consider call control, only the RAS signalling.
>When I asked why, they did not understand why any change is required.
>After a while they understood that something could be needed, but it was
>postponed to future releases of H.323.
>Future releases must be version 4 or something (around year 2001  or
>later ??).
>The conclusion is then (looking on TIPHON project plan) that H.323 can't
>be used between Gatekeepers in TIPHON compliant system.
>The question is then: What do we use then? ISUP? B-ISUP? SIP? Extended
>subset of H.323?
>/Jan Holm
>Ericsson Telecom AB
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