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Jim Toga jim.toga at INTEL.COM
Mon Nov 16 12:22:36 EST 1998

Dear Mr. Okubo,

unfortunately this time I can not be present at the Joint
Rapp. Meeting due to collisions with other meetings.
However, please find attached a short Liason from IMTC
in my capacity as IMTC BOD Member and SG16 Associated Rapp.
I have promised to help Deepak Kamlani in organizing the February 1999
SG16 rapp. meeting that IMTC is planning to host.

I have asked Bernard Hammer to present that paper at the ITU-T Sg16
rapp. meeting, who is going to attend at your meeting.

Istvan Sebestyen
Dr. Istvan Sebestyen
Siemens AG, ICN WN ES SP 4,
Hofmannstr. 51 D-81359 Munich
E-Mail: istvan.sebestyen at

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Dear Colleagues,

The IMTC 1998 Fall Forum has its meeting last week in Miami, Fl.
Also the IMTC Board of Directors hold its meeting at the same time.

The Board has basically decided to "sponsor" the hosting of the
next ITU-T SG16 Joint Rapporteurs meetings in February 1998.
Since the desire of Sg16 Rapporteurs was to have the meeting
on the West Coast of the USA, instead of the East Cost, it was
decided to fulfill that request.

It was decided that the IMTC Secretariat (lead by Deepak Kamlani)
would be in charge of the organization of the meeting. My
responsibility would be to help Deepak that to ensure that all ITU-T
needed details are in place.

The current, not fixed yet, plans are the following:

1       We try to link the ITU-T event close to the next IMTC BoD
        meeting (currently planned for February 11 and 12, 1999, in
        order to minimize trips for some members, and minimize organi-
        zation of the meeting. The exact date for the ITU-T meeting
        shall be fixed as soon as possible by the responsible ITU
        Rapporteurs and the IMTC Secretariat/BoD. What are the
        prefererred exact dates?

2       The meeting would be organized in a hotel. In discussion is
        Monterey, CA (did I get the spelling correctly?..close to
        Silicon Valley anyway).

3       We would like to keep local copying to the minimum, thus
        electronic handling of the documents is planned. Which Silicon
        Valey based companies could help with setting up the networking
        inftrastructure, inkl. a PC-Server, small LAN, etc.?

4       On Security IMTC VoiP Forum is discussing its Security Profiles.
        A joint meeting with ITU-T Sg16 Security experts is possible.
        Voip is also working on identification problem of users, that
        has also a strong security aspects. Any feelings about a joint
        meeting from an ITU-T Sg16 side?

Kind regards,
Istvan Sebestyen

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