contribution to the ITU-T SG16 Q12-14/16 on H323/IN/TINA

Martine.Lapierre at ALCATEL.FR Martine.Lapierre at ALCATEL.FR
Fri Nov 13 14:40:32 EST 1998

Object identifiers are yet to be assigned to algorithms within H.235. This issue also came up in the SG16 meeting in Geneva in September - but, none has been assigned yet.

 - Senthil
From: Tom-PT Taylor
To: ITU-SG16 at
Subject: FW: H.235 Question
Date: Thursday, November 12, 1998 9:09PM

I'm passing this one on to the list.

> Hi Tom,
> I wonder if you could help me find some info.  I want to implement some
> security features in H.323 using H.235.  My question is this:  Do you know
> if there are standard object identifiers already allocated for various
> encryption algorithms?  I presume there are, but I have no idea where to
> find them.  If there are can you point me in the right direction?
> Thanks in advance,

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