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I fully agree that this feature is needed.

It is available _today_!

The ability to transport standard and manufactures specific (proprietary)
features is intrinsic to H.450.1.  The term standard includes any ITU or ISO
associated standards organization, including regional and national bodies.
Using a small envelope, a user can place any information in any H.225.0
message.  It includes call independent signaling.  It includes the ability
to address the message to a node in the call path.

Since this service already exists, I do not see a need for a second


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Dear SG16 members,

As usually I have been discussing requirements and uses for H.323 with
different people within BT.  What I find is they all need different
additional features.  This represents a problem for H.225, which could
easily become as cumbersome as H.245!  What is needed is a way to add
feature to H.225 without having to add syntax to the core protocol each
time.  This issue has been particularly brought to a head with the
issues relating to handling of SS7.

I have therefore drafted a document that proposes a solution that will
allow features to be added H.225 without having to continuously revise
the core spec.  So far I have only considered the Q.931 side of things,
but the RAS side could also benefit from the same treatment.

I have attached this document below for you to look at.  The document
gives more justification for why this issue urgently needs looking at,
so I hope you will find the time to look at it.  I know that this is too
late as a contribution for this meeting, but I would be interested in
discussing it with any interested parties in Torino so that something
can be put together for the next meeting.



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