Looking for v2 and v3 documents

Michael Sung msung at ACTBNS.COM
Thu Nov 12 23:40:17 EST 1998

Dear Q.11-14 Torino meeting participants,

I have prepared a few MPEG-4 audio demonstrations to show what MPEG-4
audio achieved.

Demo 1: HVXC 2kbps (by playing wave files)
Demo 2: bitrate, bandwidth scalable CELP (by realtime software decoder)
Demo 3: scalable AAC, scalable TwinVQ+AAC, stereo AAC
        (by realtime software decoder)

Since the demos are only available by my laptop with a PC speaker or a
headphone, please contact me during coffee breaks.

Best regards,

Hidenobu Harasaki           harasaki at ccm.CL.nec.co.jp
Manager, Research           C&C Media Research Labs., NEC Corporation
                            Phone: +81 44 856 8083    Fax: +81 44 856 2232

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