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Attached please find the information for the Q. 11-14 Torino Meeting.
See you next week.

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ITU Meeting
Turin, November 17th- 20th, 1998

CSELT is pleased to welcome you to the Experts' Meeting on Questions
This document contains logistic information about the meeting's set-up and
some general information about our site and the facilities that we will be
providing throughout the meeting.


The meeting will take place in 3 places:

*       The Auditorium (Level -1, Building A)
*       The Manzoni Room (2nd Floor, Building A)
*       The MR Room (3rd Floor, Building I)

All Plenary sessions will take place in the Auditorium. Participants dealing
with Questions 12, 13 and 14 will mainly be working in the Auditorium. The
Manzoni room will be a breakout room and participants dealing with Question
11 will meet in the MR room. These details may of course vary according to
the agenda. Details shall be posted outside the meeting rooms.


When you enter the CSELT premises from the Via G. Reiss Romoli n. 274
entrance, you will find signs to the Auditorium. CSELT staff will be in the
Auditorium foyer area to register you and give you a participant's badge
(from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM). For security reasons, we would be extremely
grateful if you could kindly keep this badge with you at all times, and
exhibit it to security personnel upon request.

The registration desk will be staffed during the hours mentioned above.
However, assistance is only a phone-call away as we have set up a meeting
helpline that will be active during the entire course of the meeting.
Should you require any kind of information or assistance, whether technical
or logistical, please call 0335462567 and we will be pleased to do our best
to help. The number will be active from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM.
The telephones you can call from are located in the following areas:
Auditorium: at the reception desk
Manzoni: in the reception area outside the meeting room
MR Room: please refer to the office opposite the meeting room (office number
N.B. Please dial "0" before dialling the number.


*       The cloakroom is located in the Auditorium foyer. Staff will direct
you to it when you register.
*       Coffee breaks will take place at the bar in the Auditorium foyer.
*       Lunch will take place at 1:15 PM in the CSELT canteen. Each
participant will be issued with lunch tickets for all 4 days upon
registration on Tuesday morning. CSELT staff will be waiting in the
Auditorium foyer at 1:00 PM to show you the way to the canteen. It is
self-service, and serves a wide range of hot and cold food. Once you have
chosen your meal please go to the tills and give the attendant your voucher.
        The water fountains are located opposite the tills. You may take a
seat at any of the tables.
        The canteen stops serving food at 1:30 PM. It is therefore important
that participants get there by 1:15.


*       LAN:

        A local network will be at your disposal throughout the duration of
the meeting, both in the Manzoni room and the Auditorium. Technical
assistants will be present and detailed instructions will be provided upon

*       Printers:

        Printing facilities will be available in both the Manzoni room and
the Auditorium. In the MR room, please refer to office number I4226
(opposite the meeting room).

*       Copiers

        A copier will be at your disposal in the Auditorium foyer. If you
need a large number of copies, please contact the helpline.

*       Additional information:

        We would like to draw your attention to the Auditorium's seating
set-up. This applies exclusively to those participants who will be using
their laptop there. Although the seats are mobile, we have alternately fixed
seats so that documents, laptops and other items can be left without them
closing. Therefore we kindly advise you to sit in the mobile seats. Another
reason for this is that there is one LAN attachment for every two seats.


*       How to get here

We are located in northern Turin, about a 15-minute drive from Turin's
Caselle Airport.
A taxi from the airport to this site costs around 45.000 Lire. There are no
direct public transport services from the airport. However, there is a bus
service from the airport terminal to the City Centre that terminates in
Corso Inghilterra. The journey takes about 40 minutes (the fare is 6000
There are public transport services to this site from both of Turin's main
railway stations (Torino Porta Nuova and Torino Porta Susa). The number 52
bus takes 45-50 minutes from Porta Nuova railway station. The same bus takes
30-40 minutes to reach this site from Porta Susa Railway Station. The bus
stops right outside CSELT. Please note that from 9 AM to 2:30 PM the 52 bus
does not stop on Via Reiss Romoli because it takes a different route. During
these hours we advise you to ask the bus driver to let you know when to get
off (the bus will stop in an adjacent street and to get to our site you will
need to turn left into Via Reiss Romoli). Alternatively you are advised to
take a taxi. The 52 bus runs until 9 PM. A taxi ride from the City Centre
takes approximately 20 minutes and should cost around 25.000 Lire.

Tickets cannot be purchased onboard buses or trams. You can find them at
tobacconists' and newsagents' or vending machines at certain bus/tram stops
at a cost of 1400 Lire.
Please note that you cannot buy them near our Via Reiss Romoli site and we
therefore advise you to purchase them beforehand.

*       Opening Hours:

The Meeting Rooms are open from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM. The Via Reiss Romoli
entrance closes at 6:30 PM. If you need to stay beyond that time please
contact the helpline. After 6:30 PM you will need to use the Via Olivetti
entrance. Please ask staff for directions to this entrance.

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