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Alexander Rovny rovny at MDIS.RU
Wed Nov 11 12:23:33 EST 1998

Dear colleagues

Please accept my apologies for my delay in uploading APC 1462
("Guidelines for support of non-ITU voice codecs in ITU-T
Recommendations") to the PIctureTel FTP incoming AVC directory. I was absent from
office most of yesterday, when the internal clearance of the document
was concluded. The file can be retrieved from:
(before it is moved to the  9811_Tor directory).

The summary of the document is attached for your reference.

Best regards,
Simao Campos-Neto


This contribution addresses the recent requests for added support of
non-ITU voice codecs in ITU-T H-series of Recommendations, H.245 in
particular. As the most recent event, ISO/IEF JTC1/SC29/WG11
(a.k.a. MPEG) has requested support for the full MPEG4/Audio for
transport in H.324 (N2509, October 1998). The automatic adoption of
this and other requests may have important technical
implications. This contribution proposes that careful assessment of
the implication of such adoptions should be performed by SG 16 as a
whole prior to acceptance, with input from other SGs (e.g. SG 12) when
necessary. In particular, this contribution proposes that the
normative support for MPEG4/Audio is premature without very careful
study within the ITU.

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