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Dear all contributors,

Attached please find the list of registered documents for the Torino meeting
as of 19:30 (Tokyo time) Friday.

As I lost some mails in the morning today due to spool overload at our site,
please carefully check the list and advise me if your contribution is
missing there.

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      Documents for the Torino meeting (17-20 November 1998)
APC-  Source       Provisional title
1426  India        Internet traffic on the PSTN
1427  Korea Telecom
                   Required functions of RTP receiver and packet
                   forwarding procedure for Dynamic Multicast Network
1428  Accord Video Telecommunication
                   RTP Maximum Packet size
1429  Intel        H.323 version 2 compliant Profile
1430  Editor       Draft H.283
1431  PictureTel   Changes to draft H.323 related to recommendations
                   H.282 and H.283
1432  PictureTel   H.283 and H.323 Annex E harmonization
1433  PictureTel   General comments on Annex E
1434  AT&T         Intra-Domain/Inter-Zone Gatekeeper-to-Gatekeeper and
                   Inter-Domain Border Element-to-Border Element
                   Communications for Distributive, Centralized, and
                   Hybrid Architecture
1435  AT&T         Viewgraph Presentation of the contribution described
                   in APC1434
1436  RADVision    Master-Slave Determination Procedure in GK routed
                   call model
1437  Editor       Update to Draft Recommendation H.341
1438  ETSI TIPHON  Liaison from ETSI TIPHON transmitting the draft Phase
                   1 and 2 TIPHON architecture (DTS/TIPHON-02002)
1439  ETSI TIPHON  Liaison from ETSI TIPHON regarding transport of ISUP
                   in an H.323 network
1440  Intel        New H.245 Messages for Bit-rate Management
1441  (G Kimchi)
1442  (G Kimchi)
1443  (G Kimchi)
1444  (G Kimchi)
1445  Siemens and Videoserver
                   Conference out of consultation
1446  Siemens      Tunnel Transport of SCN Signaling Protocols
1447  Siemens      Comments on H.225 Annex G working draft
1448  Intel        Coding and usage details for Annex G
1449  Q14 Rapp.    New Question of SG15 on PSTN to Internet gateway
1450  MPEG         Liaison to Q.12/16
1451  Q12 Rapp.    Correction of Amendment 5 to ITU-T Rec. H.222.0|
                   ISO/IEC 13818-1
1452  Q12 Rapp.    Integrated edition of ITU-T Rec. H.222.0|ISO/IEC
                   13818-1 and ITU-T Rec. H.262|ISO/IEC 13818-2
1453  PictureTel   Requirements For Layered Audio Coding
1454  Editor       Draft H.450.7
1455  RADVision    Comments on GK to GK communication protocol
1456  RADVision    Tunneling of H.281/H.224 FECC frames
1457  Toshiba      Proposed changes on H.245 codepoints for MPEG-4
                   visual support
1458  TAO          Requirements for the H.32L system
1459  TAO          Transmission efficiency, packetization delay and
                   information rate
1460  NTT DoCoMo   Multimedia terminal on IMT-2000 network
1461  Bellcore     Media Gateway Control Protocol (MGCP)
1462  COMSAT       Support of non-ITU voice codecs in ITU-T

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