Upload of ETSI Liaisons

Tom-PT Taylor Tom-PT.Taylor.taylor at NT.COM
Mon Nov 2 13:55:59 EST 1998

I have just uploaded APC-1438 and APC-1439 to the Incoming directory at the
Picturetel site.  These documents are levant to tomorrow's Gateway
decomposition conference call.

APC-1438 conveys the Phase 1 and 2 architecture and requirements document,
DTS/TIPHON-02002.  The architecture shown in this document is agreed, after
much discussion.  However, the document is still undergoing detailed
revision to make sure all of the text is consistent.  It is also missing
text on information requirements across reference point 'J', which would
cover our interfaces 'C' and 'D' (i.e. all switched circuit network
signalling).  It would help TIPHON move along if we could contribute some
suggested text to their list, TIPHON at LIST.ETSI.FR.  Any other comments on
the document would also be welcome.

Specifically in section 6.5 dealing with the device control interface, the
tutorial portions of the material I put out on this list the other data are
being excised, leaving just the bare statement of requirements.  I suggest
we continue working from that previous document for the conference call.
Two more requirements were noted under "Resource Management": the ability to
block and unblock groups of circuits in response to SS7 signals, and the
ability to support testlines.

APC-1439 conveys a liaison asking for transparent passage of ISUP between
Gatekeepers.  I'll leave you to read the details, but I think we need to
discuss a bit what the best way is to achieve this objective, bearing in
mind that we may want transparent passage of other protocols besides ISUP.

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