Updated APC-1480 uploaded

Douglas Clowes dclowes at OZEMAIL.COM.AU
Sun Nov 29 21:22:38 EST 1998

As promised at Torino, an updated version of APC-1480 has been uploaded to
the Incomming Directory.

This version reflects recent changes which had been made to the Interline
BEST protocol, but which had not been incorporated into the documentation.

The main changes in the protocol have been the addition of a "Connection"
concept where a single set of identification and authorisation information
can be grouped with a set of possible destination transport addresses, to
permit line-hunting with that set of identification and authorisation
information across the destinations. By allowing repeated connection
groups, different identification/authorisation sets allows line-hunting
across different domains (which may require different Id/Auth sets).

Also, an element PSTNInfo has been added specifically for the SCN to SCN
VoIP scenario.

Other changes have been fairly minor. TransactionIdentifier has been
documented, and its serverData component has been changed to a sequence of
nonStandardParameter to allow for the inclusion of server data from
intervening domains (such as all domains in the aggregation point example
in Annex G, Figure 6).

Two multi-domain use cases have been added. One demonstrates the use of the
Access Request to obtain address resolution and authorisation in the
aggregation point type example. The other demonstrates the mechanism for
line hunting, in GK-routed calls, both within a zone, and across domains. I
hope these serve to further clarify some of the concepts within the protocol.

I would be happy to answer further queries and provide further information.


Douglas Clowes
OzEmail Interline

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