Tunneling in FACILITY

Sengodan Senthil NRC/Boston sengodan at NASBPD01BS.NTC.NOKIA.COM
Wed Nov 25 16:37:45 EST 1998


Section 8.2.1 of H.323 states:

"If tunneling is being utilized and there is no need for transmission of a Q.931 message at the time an H.245 message must be transmitted, then a FACILITY message shall be sent with 'h323-message-body' set to 'empty'."

I would like to know - for the case where no Q.931 message needs to be sent  - if there are any negative implications of setting the 'h323-message-body' to 'facility' with 'reason' set to 'undefinedReason'. This would enable the use of several fields that are available within the 'Facility-UUIE' structure - such as 'tokens' and 'cryptotokens' - which would not be available if 'h323-message-body' is set to 'empty'.

A rewording of the sentence as below would enable this:

"If tunneling is .... a FACILITY message shall be sent and the 'h323-message-body' should be set to 'empty'."


 - Senthil

Senthil Sengodan
Nokia Research Center, Boston

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